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EL Glowing Ties – with Choice of Drivers

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Price: from £6.00

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Here we have some amazing looking glowing ties

The ties are in 5 colours:

White, Black, Gold, RedDeep Blue

The EL Wire outline is in a selection of colours and you can chose different colour wire to the colour of the tie:
Light Blue (Tron Blue), Deep Blue, Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White

glowing el tie

glowing EL Tie

Of Course they need an EL Driver to make them glow - The EL Ties have a 50cm long power cable on them that ends in a standard EL Connector

NO DRIVER = £6 - choose this if you already have an EL Driver you can use to attach to the EL Glasses, or if you want to use a different driver or sequencer

Basic Driver = £10 - This is our Basic 2xAA Driver that has button that scrolls through 4 modes: Constant On - Strobe - Fast Flash - Slow Flash OFF

Mini Driver = £12 - This is a very small and discreet Driver that takes a single AAA battery

Of course as the EL Glasses have a standard connector you can use one of our splitters to also run more wire or some EL Tape or EL Shapes off the same driver.

Or use a sequencer to make the EL Tie flash along side other parts of your costume

If it helps you plan part of a bigger el project, there is just over 60cm of EL Wire on the EL Tie


el wire and el tape

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Product Options

Price: from £6.00

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