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EL Iron Man Set = El Tape Glowing Eyes + EL Panel Arc Reactor

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Price: £19.99

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The Iron Man Set is here to supply you with 'plug and play' EL Panels, splitters and driver to help you build a glowing Iron Man Costume

With this kit you get:

1) 2 pieces of 3cm X 5cm EL Panel for the Iron Man eyes in a choice of colours:

Light Blue, White, Red, Deep Blue and Pink

2) Plus a 10cm diameter round white EL Panel for the Arc Reactor

3) Also a 2XAA battery driver/inverter with switch to power the panels

4) And 2 lots of 2 way splitters help the panels fit the costume

3 pieces of el panel

The suggested setup is:

The Driver/Inverter is held on the body near the chest

One Two-way-splitter comes out and one channel goes off to the round panel acting as the Arc Reactor near the chest

The other channel has a second two way splitter going off to the helmet to power the 3cmX5cm EL Panels for the eyes

By having it on a second 2-way-splitter it makes it easier to unplug and remove the helmet - if it all runs off a 3-way-splitter, which it could, it would not be so easy to unplug the head mask

The kit does not include the mask or and its best to put a design over the glowing Arc Reactor - apart from that, the whole kit is ready to use - just plug and play!

el wire and el tape

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Product Options

Price: £19.99

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