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Variation: 12V With Crocodile Clips

Large Uber Logo

No-one will be able to miss you with this glowing UBER sign with a choice of power inputs This thin glowing sign is 40cm long x 6.5cm high with 51.5cm long power lead with connector. It is legal to display as it glows white, and if positioned at the edge of the windscreen is smallContinue Reading

15 metres of EL Wire + Driver

This listing is for 15 metres of standard (2.3mm) electroluminescent glow wire with the option of a driver The wire is available in any of these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Grass Green, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White Because the EL naturally glows blue/green the brightest colour ofContinue Reading