ULTRA EL Wire – High Intensity @ £6 per metre



If you don’t already have a driver, please purchase a suitable one, separately, here.



ULTRA EL Wire lives up to its name by bringing together the latest breakthroughs in electroluminescent technology to create an intensely bright glowing wire that outshines all other types of EL Wire (including Double Core)

At a sturdy 2.6mm in diameter, you will find while making patterns with this ULTRA EL Wire, it will hold itself rigid when bent into its desired shape, (1.0mm EL Wire also does this, but ULTRA EL Wire creates a much more robust form)

Please note ULTRA EL Wire has to be handled more carefully than standard EL Wire, there are three things to be aware of:

1. The bend radius of Ultra EL Wire is 1.2cm which is much less than standard EL Wire which is 5mm.
2. The breaking strain is 500g, compared to 1kg for standard EL Wire.
3. Pressure on the Ultra EL Wire should not be more than 500g, this means it cannot be pinched too hard or trodden on

These spectacular improvements are due to bringing together these latest breakthroughs in electroluminescent technology:

1. A thicker copper core gives a greater area of luminosity and helps the EL Wire hold its shape
2. Premium Grade ‘next generation’ Phosphors are used to coat the core to give the most intense bright neon effect possible

3. Thicker internal corona wires – that’s right! Thicker corona wires spiral around the core, this provides maximum exposure of the current applied to the Wire

ULTRA EL Wire comparison

Comparing 1metre of 2.3mm, 3.2mm and ULTRA EL Wire

ULTRA EL Wire uses exactly the same splitters, drivers and sequencers as standard EL Wire.

It will draw twice as much current to feed its increased brightness

So please remember to treat ULTRA EL Wire like the Double Core EL Wire and halve the EL Driver rating when using ULTRA EL Wire

e.g. if the EL Driver is rated for 5-10m Standard EL Wire

then that EL Driver can power 2.5m-5m of ULTRA EL Wire


if the EL Driver is for 10-30metres standard EL Wire

then it should power 5-15m ULTRA EL Wire

This remarkable glowing wire is £6 per metre and is also available in these lengths (with connectors attached):

50cm, 1metres, 3metres, 5metres and 10metres

we currently have it available in these colours: Aqua, Lime Green, Orangy-Red, Pink, GoldDeep Blue and White

ULTRA EL Wire comparison

Comparing 2.3mm, 3.2mm and ULTRA EL Wire

As with all electroluminescent technology, because the EL naturally glows blue/green the brightest colour of the wire is the Aqua, Lime Green and White. The least bright are the red and purple as they have to be filtered the most to get the colours right.

The wire has a connector on it so is ready to simply clip into an EL driver – THE DRIVER HAS TO BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY

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el wire and el tape

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