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EL Wire Crafters

We are always impressed and often actually proud of the different creative ways our EL Wire, EL Tape, Panels and Drivers get used

Here are some inspirational examples – please send your own, we have loads more that have been shared with us and i promise to upload more when i have more time

Flashing Frog’s on the EL Wire Cocktails

Here’s another fabulous creation from The Flashing Frog ‘Freds Cocktail Bar’ a neon style sign made from our very own EL Wire and I have to say it really looks like real neon.

And guess what!   he’s been kind enough to share his in depth walkthrough and tips with us on his amazing blog.

Or you can check out his el wire creations youtube channel.

If you are lucky, you just might be able to snap up one of his originals or commission him to make one just for you.

stage by stage images of Flashing Frog designs building a cocktail bars sign with EL Wire



A Passion for Cars – Buick and EL Wire

Kudos to Jonathan, who has lovingly reproduced this Buick motor car sign in EL Wire, which now stands proud on his garage wall along side his very own Buick.

Buick motor car sign made using EL Wire



Italia Got Talent

Our EL Wire made it to the final of Italia Got Talent in 2013 with the great dance act Gli Elettricisti


SPOOK TRAIN (horror claymation film)

Quite often we get completely gobsmacked by the creative and original uses that you put our EL Wire too

But in this case its a smack in the gob that leaves you emotionally bruised!

We are really proud to be a small part of this unique and spellbinding feature



Night-time Kayaking

From one extreme to another extreme sport:
we teamed up with Fuse to push the limits of EL Wire Waterproofing
The result is….. Extreme Glowing Kayaking!


Flashing Frog’s EL Wire Creations

heres a halloween getup put together by Flashing Frog, one of our favourite EL Wire Crafters

He uses EL Wire and sometimes even LEDs to make amazing, controllable, flashing, glowing party clothes

you can check out his amazing costume blog full of in depth walkthroughs and tips

or check out his el wire creations youtube channel

FLashing Frog will occasionally take on commissions if you need something glowing made

or if you time it right

he may have just finished making a Flashingfrog original and you can snap it up for yourself


El-wire-skeleton-red-250EL Wire-Comedy-Tragedy-250


and you must see this great vid of his dotty jacket in action:


BOX 204

A profound and technically brilliant piece of theatre we are continuing to support is BOX 204

due to be finished in 2015, you will see from this mesmerising first scene that the final production is set to be a colossus

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