3.2mm EL Wire @ £3 per metre



  • This 3.2mm EL Wire is favoured by makers as it is robust and its thickness offers protection while still having a bright neon effect.
  • Has a connector on it, so simply plugs into an EL driver, which is required, to make it glow.


If you don’t already have a driver, please purchase a suitable one, separately, here.


The 3.2mm EL Wire is favoured by makers as it is robust and its thickness offers protection while still having a bright neon effect. When placed on a costume or other project it keeps straight lines without showing kinks

It is available in any of these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Grass Green, Turquoise-Green and White

Because the EL naturally glows blue/green the brightest colour of the wire is the Light Blue, Lime Green and White. The least bright are the red and purple as they have to be filtered the most to get the colours right.

The wire has a connector on it so is ready to simply clip into an EL driver – THE DRIVER HAS TO BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY


el wire and el tape

– – – – – – – – – – – –

This wire comes with a standard connector so simply plugs into any EL driver – this makes it easy to change between coloured wire on one driver

By using splitters you can also connect different strands to the same driver

EL wire has loads of uses

It looks amazing when decorating the interior or exterior of cars, can be used inside and outside houses and can even be threaded into clothes and hats

This wire can be cut into smaller lengths and attached to another inverter

Our inverters can run many strips of wire as long as the total length of the wire is under the inverters maximum capacity

With some care, the EL wire can be attached to speaker wire to make patterns or extend the wire over gaps where it isn’t needed

Joining tape and tubing for attaching EL Wire is available from this store
this is if you want to cut the EL wire and rejoin it or perhaps attach some wire to a different inverter

Cutting the wire into the length you choose is simple… but rejoining it takes care and attention.

You will also definitely need some wire strippers.

You can happily use the joining tape and heat shrink tubing supplied for a decent join but if the joint is likely to encounter stress (e.g if it is threaded into clothes that will then be bent and jostle) or if the join may be hard to reach (e.g behind a panel in a car) then we would advise soldering to avoid future hassle

It is a cliché to say you are only limited by your imagination but with this neon string it is true!!!

If you have not seen it before it is like a really long glow stick that lasts over 5,000 hours

We’re sure you will be amazed – feel free to email or ring us with any questions

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