Basic Portable Driver for up to 5 metres of EL Wire



This is a 3V (2XAA batteries) EL Driver which will run up to 5 meters of EL wire, or 80 sq cm of EL Tape or EL Panel

It has a press button that goes between these settings:

On – Strobe – Flash – Off

This driver has a connector on the end which is a standard EL wire connector making it able to quickly switch between different coloured wire or add a splitter and have several strands of wire – simply clip it in and out the connector

*All the EL wire we supply comes with a connector so they plug straight into the driver*

This Inverter is powered by 2 x 2AA batteries and can run many separate strands and colours of EL wire as long as the total length of wire is 5 meters or under


el wire and el tape


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