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EL Drivers/Inverters

For EL, the word DRIVER and INVERTER is for exactly the same thing, with Inverter being the technical name
Here at EL Wire Craft we tend to call them drivers
All EL Wire, EL Tape and EL Panels need a Driver to make them glow.

Choose which type of EL Driver you need:


Huge range of Drivers plus Sequencers and Sound Activated, with a huge choice of powering options:

your own 12v source, battery box, rechargeable batteries, even mains powered + more!

PORTABLE DRIVERSportable-el-driver-selection

small, large, weird and wonderful…

…. and PORTABLE!

MAINS DRIVERSuk-plug-psu

Running off of grid power
Most have a choice of UK, US and Euro plugs

POWERFUL EXCEL DRIVERSexcel-high-power-el-wire-inverters

If you are running between 50 and 300m of EL Wire and there is a chance it will be running continuously for a long time

Then these silent powerful drivers are for you

4.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V or USB6v-9v-24v-usb-el-inverters

when only these voltages will do!

Sequencers / Sound Activatedsound-to-light-and-sequencer-el-inverter

Yes, drivers can also sequence or be Sound Activated
– check ’em out

Drivers for EL Panel/Tape

we have these in stock
– not listed individually yet though

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