EL Button – 3cm diameter circle



  • Designed to help you achieve a realistic Tron costume.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Paper thin (300 microns) and incredibly versatile, it can easily be attached to a costume or even a wall for decoration.
  • Range of portable, battery powered Drivers available.



For Detroit:Become Human, please check out our newest 2cm small EL Hoop.


Here we have a 3cm diameter circle of Electro-Luminescent Tape available in Light Blue (Tron Blue), Pink, Red, Orange,Yellow, Grass Green and White

This EL Button has been designed to help you achieve a realistic Tron costume.

3 el buttons in a row

3 EL Buttons in a row

Like all EL Tape and EL Wire, the EL Buttons need an Inverter/Driver to make it glow – you have the option in the drop-down menu, to buy these hoops with a 2 x AA battery Driver – there is a bigger selection in our online store including ‘Splitters’ so that you could have up to 10 of them attached to a single Driver.

wires already attached to EL Tape

Standard EL Tape with wires and connector

The EL Buttons have loads of other creative uses but are especially good for making realistic Tron costumes

The EL Button is made from EL Tape which is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatile and can be easily attached to costume or even a wall for decoration

el wire and el tape

We have a whole range of EL Wire, EL Tape, EL Panels and many types of Driver/Inverters are also available.

If you want any help or advice in planning your EL costume, please contact us and speak to a member of our team.