2cm Round Hoop – Flat EL Panel with Driver – Become Human Style



  • This 2cm round EL hoop is paper thin and can go flat against the skin. Simply plugs into an EL driver, which is required, to make it glow.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Supplied with a mini portable driver powered by 1 x AAA battery (not supplied), if selected.


This 2cm Round EL Hoop is paper thin and can go flat against the skin.

Cosplayer as a Detroit:Become Human android

This hoop is cleverly powered using a 5cm (2 inch) flat tape coming out of the hoop which can be coated in concealer paint to make the wire look invisible

2cm EL Hoop for Detroit:Become Human in blue, green and red


You will need an EL Driver to power this EL Hoop and if you choose the ‘Hoop and Driver’ option we will supply a  Mini EL Driver like this one:

mini el driver

You will also receive a 50cm extender wire to help you hide the driver, or if you are using other EL panels with the costume then you can attach it all to the same driver.


You may also be interested in our 7cm Triangle EL Panel:


el wire and el tape

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