7cm Triangle – Become Human Style



  • 7cm Light Blue glowing Triangle with a black border, perfect for a Detroit: Become Human costume.
  • Choice of EL driver (batteries not supplied).
  • Has a strong connector on it, so simply plugs into an EL driver, which is required, to make it glow.



This s a 7cm Light Blue glowing EL Panel Triangle with a black border, perfect for a Detroit: Become Human costume.

7cm EL Triangle for Detroit Becoming Human android flashing off and on

7cm triangle

Cosplayer as a Detroit:Become Human android

We also have these glowing 2cm hoops here.


All our El Wire and Tape comes with wires and connectors attached

Like all EL Tape and EL Wire these EL Triangles need a Driver to make it glow Рyou have the option in the drop down menu above to buy this EL Triangle  with a mini or standard EL Driver.

There is a bigger selection of shapes in our shop including splitters where you could have several of them off this single driver

wires already attached to EL Tape

Standard EL Tape with wires and connector

We also stock a wide selection of other EL Tape, EL Wire, Sequencers, Drivers and helpful EL accessories

el wire and el tape


The EL Triangle is made from EL Tape which is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatile and can be easily attached to costume or even a wall for decoration

We have a whole range of EL Wire, EL Tape and many types of driver/inverters are also available.

If you want any help or advice in planning your EL costume feel free to get in touch

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Power Connector

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