Detroit: Become Human Set

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In this set is everything you need to turn into Kara, Connor or Markus

With this set you will get:

1) Two different 2cm flat glowing rings to go on the temple (one light blue, one red)

glowing el panel hoop ring for detroit become human cosplay

2) mini driver to power the small hoop

3) 2 x 7cm Triangles to attach to the outside of the cosplay outfit

glowing el panel triangle for detroit become human cosplay

4) 1 x 5cm x 33cm EL Tape to make a glowing armband

glowing el panel for detroit become human cosplay

5) 50cm (1.5 foot) of El Wire to go round the collar

6) a portable driver that takes 8 x AA batteries to power the triangles, armband and EL Wire (and the temple hoop if desired)

7) splitters to easily join all the parts together

8) 50cm of sticky backed/sewable velcro so the armband and triangle can easily be attached to clothes


The whole of the set is plug and play, but you will need your own clothing to attach these pieces to


el wire and el tape

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 11.5 cm

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