Daft Punk Front EL Panels + Lapels + Driver


Replicate the glowing jackets used by Daft Punk with this plug and play set comprising:



This set is what you need to replicate the glowing jackets used by Daft Punk

It has:

1) Two large EL Panels are just over 40cm long – replicas of the ones worn by Daft Punk.

These can either be worn both on the front, or one on the front and the other on the back

2) Zig-Zag Shapes for the lapels – these are 12cm long in total

3) Long 2-way splitter and 2 x mini 2-way splitters

The Panels glow very brightly in Light Blue colour

4) The driver that powers the two Panels is just 3cm x 4cm x 4cm and has an 8 x AA battery box or a rechargeable Li-ion battery as well

5) 1m of Velcro – sticky on one side and sewable on the other to help you attach the El Tape and to a costume.


The Driver is capable of powering more EL Tape or EL Wire if you want to add more parts from our online shop

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We have some crazy glowing masks & glasses that go well with this kit – take a look!

A wide selection of other EL Tape, EL Wire, Sequencers, Drivers and helpful EL accessories are available from our online store.

el wire and el tape

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