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Variation: 15 metre

1.3mm Fine ‘Angel Hair’ EL Wire @ £4 per Metre

This ‘Angel Hair’ EL Wire is not only the brightest of all the thicknesses of EL Wire it is also the most malleable and will hold its shape when bent like a kind of neon modelling wire, making it a fun and useful material to work with EL Wire twisted into ringlets EL Wire twistedContinue Reading

2.3mm EL Wire @ £2.50 per metre

The 2.3mm Electroluminescent wire is our cheapest standard EL Wire, it is available in any of these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, yellow, Grass Green, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White 300 meter lengths only comes in Lime, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Red or White 2.3mm comes in the followingContinue Reading

Multicoloured EL Wire @ £6 per metre

Here we have some beautiful EL Wire which is 5mm thick, with a colourful pattern and glows when the wire is attached to an EL Driver. Other drivers for EL Wire than the ones listed above are available from our online store. All of the EL Wire including this will already have an EL ConnectorContinue Reading