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Variation: 3 way

Standard Splitter for EL Wire or EL Tape – 2-way up to 6-way

These Standard splitters make your glowing costume or EL project exactly how you want. These splitter cables allow you to run up to six separate strands of EL wire off of one driver/inverter (or another splitter) The Splitter works for EL Wire, EL Tape or EL Panels The splitter is 40cm in total length andContinue Reading

LED Splitter Strands

These 2-way and 3-way Splitters are ideal for making the most out of your LEDs get them exactly where you need them remember to line-up the arrow on the splitter with the 12v on the LED Strip or LED Block This comes with 3 x 4-pin connectors, but you could also get spares here

Long Splitters for EL Wire

Extra long 2 and 3-way splitters for when you have got too carried away with your EL Project and perfection is beginning to tip over into obsession These LONG Splitters are 20cm of wire up to the split – each channel is then 50cm long – Our full range of Speciality Splitters is: SL: AContinue Reading

Mini Splitter for EL Wire or EL Tape – 2-way up to 6-way

At Last! An end to that bunching up of wires in your glowing costume misery! These half sized splitters are just 20cm long Yes you heard it right, there is just 10cm of connector wire from the ‘female’ connector. Then there is a junction, and several strands of connector wire head off for a furtherContinue Reading

2 Way Splitter for CHASING EL Wire

Yes – finally we have managed to design splitters for the EL Chasing Wire and here they are in all their glory Need we say more! 3 x EL Chasing Wire Off One Driver *please note – the chasing splitters and chasing drivers have different connectors than standard EL Wire* Chasing Wire is available inContinue Reading