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Variation: 4.5v

EL Panel Illuminated Backlight for Spektrum DX6i and DX7 Controllers (may fit other models)

Ladies and/or Gentlemen may I please present a Electroluminescent Panel and Driver/Inverter for the Spektrum controllers DX6i and DX7. For the DX7 you must trim a little off the bottom of this panel (use sharp scissors and just cut it to shape) For the DX6i you must cut a little off the end of theContinue Reading

GLOWING Union Jack

This Union Jack not only glows but is as thin as a flag too It can be attached to a car window, hung up in the house… or even worn! This glowing flag is 15cm wide and 8cm tall It comes with 4 suckers that easily allow it to be attached to a window AndContinue Reading