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Variation: 50 cm

1.3mm Fine ‘Angel Hair’ EL Wire @ £4 per Metre

This ‘Angel Hair’ EL Wire is not only the brightest of all the thicknesses of EL Wire it is also the most malleable and will hold its shape when bent like a kind of neon modelling wire, making it a fun and useful material to work with EL Wire twisted into ringlets EL Wire twistedContinue Reading

3.2mm EL Wire @ £3 per metre

The 3.2mm EL Wire is favoured by makers as it is robust and its thickness offers protection while still having a  bright neon effect. When placed on a costume or other project it keeps straight lines without showing kinks It is available in any of these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Pink,Continue Reading

Sewable EL Wire – Easy Sew Tag @ £3.50 per metre

This handy item is 2.3mm EL wire with sewable tag running along it available in a length of either 1m, 3m, 5m and 10metres. (EL wire needs a driver to make it glow – available from £4 in the inverter/driver section of the website). – EL Wire twisted into a spiral The wire is availableContinue Reading