Variation: Colour

EL Panel – 2.4cm X 4.5cm

These tiny EL Panels are really handy and can have so many different uses. They run off any EL Driver and you can ‘daisy chain’ splitters to have as many as you want lit up. The item we offer to you is a versatile 2.4cm wide and 4.5cm long Electroluminescent Panel. This panel comes withContinue Reading

EL Snowflake

This beautiful glowing el panel is in the shape of a Snowflake It is 12.5cm in diameter It comes in 3 colours Deep Blue, Pink and White   EL Snowflake – On/Off All our El Wire and Tape comes with wires and connectors attached Like all EL Tape and EL Wire these EL Snowflake needsContinue Reading

EL Wire Shutter Glasses

Complete the the festival look with these new EL Shutter Glasses The glasses themselves come in black or white and are without lenses making them great for parties and festivals, day or night Of Course they need an EL Driver to make them glow – The EL Glasses have a 1 metre long power cableContinue Reading

Curved Shape for Tron Costume 40cm

This is a 2cm X 40cm piece of EL Tape curved to go round the ID Disc and over the shoulder It can also be used on other parts of a costume such as the legs, arm or neck EL Tape glows brightly and looks really striking. This piece is available in these colours: DeepContinue Reading

Triangle EL Panel

This is a glowing EL Panel triangle shape The Triangle is 18cm along the base and 9cm high each of the shorter edges are 12cm long (it is basically a 12cm x 12cm square cut in half along the diagonal) These are often used for the Iron Man Arc reactor or for other decoration The PanelContinue Reading