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Basic EL Wire Set = 3 X 1m EL Wire + Driver

3 X 1 Metre of EL Wire, Splitter plus Driver This listing is for 1) 3 X 1metres of high quality (3.2mm) Electroluminescent Wire, 2) A 2xAA portable EL Driver 3) 3 way splitter The splitter lets you have 3 X 1metre lengths of EL Wire attached to one driver/inverter – This gives you greaterContinue Reading

CHASING EL Wire Set – 3 X1 Metres of Chasing EL Wire + Driver

Here we have a ‘Chasing’ EL Driver that takes 2xAA batteries (9cm x 3.5cm x2.3cm) ‘Chasing’ 3-Way Splitter – this is designed only to be used with chasing EL WIre and will not work with standard EL Wire 3 x 1 metres of Electroluminescent Wire with a chasing motion. This Chasing EL Wire is veryContinue Reading

EL Wire Glowing Shades

Complete the Space Age look with these new EL Sunglasses These EL Glasses not only have a classy sleek design – but with EL Wire embedded in them, the whole of the sunglasses light up in an unbroken line of light The glasses themselves have only a very slight tint to the lens so youContinue Reading

ULTRA EL Wire – High Intensity @ £6 per metre

ULTRA EL Wire lives up to its name by bringing together the latest breakthroughs in electroluminescent technology to create an intensely bright glowing wire that outshines all other types of EL Wire (including Double Core) At a sturdy 2.6mm wide, you will find while making patterns with this ULTRA EL Wire, it will hold itselfContinue Reading

CHASING EL Wire 2.3mm – Motion Effect @£5 per metre

This listing is for 2.3mm Electroluminescent glow wire with a chasing motion. The chasing motion looks amazing It flows in one continuous motion (it jumps a bit in this picture but that is just the video) EL Chasing Wire – EL Chasing Wire It is available in any of these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue),Continue Reading