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Variation: Pink

EL Snowflake

This beautiful glowing el panel is in the shape of a Snowflake It is 12.5cm in diameter It comes in 3 colours Deep Blue, Pink and White   EL Snowflake – On/Off All our El Wire and Tape comes with wires and connectors attached Like all EL Tape and EL Wire these EL Snowflake needsContinue Reading

EL Wire Shutter Glasses

Complete the the festival look with these new EL Shutter Glasses The glasses themselves come in black or white and are without lenses making them great for parties and festivals, day or night Of Course they need an EL Driver to make them glow – The EL Glasses have a 1 metre long power cableContinue Reading

EL Wire Hoodie Set

In this set is everything you need to turn your own normal hoodie into a glowing EL Wire hoodie with this set you will get: 1) 1.5metre 3.2mm EL Wire to outline the hoodie 2) Trigger Driver so you can switch from ‘glow mode’ to ‘incognito’ using a switch in your sleeve 3) 30 xContinue Reading

EL Heart

This beautiful glowing el panel is in the shape of a heart It is about 7cm tall and about the same wide Light Blue (Tron Blue), Pink, Red and White there are plenty of other el shapes available in our ebay shop   EL Heart – On/Off All our El Wire and Tape comes withContinue Reading

Replacement EL Backlight 25mm x 120mm for Realistic Scanner

This EL Panel is 25mm wide (with a lit area of 23mm) and 120mm long They are being sold for evaluation at half price (£5) It has been designed to fit most Realistic scanner models but will also backlight any device with similar screen size   12cm is too long for most models, so justContinue Reading