Variation: Portable Driver (8XAA)

Daft Punk EL Panels + Splitter + Driver

These two large EL Panels are just over 40cm long and a replica of the ones worn by Daft Punk The Panels glow very brightly an Light Blue colour The driver that powers the two Panels is just 3cm x 4cm x4cm and has a 8xAA battery box or a rechargable LI-Ion Battery as wellContinue Reading

EL Panel 13cm X 13cm

May we present this versatile 13cm wide and 13cm long Electroluminescent Panel. The Colour is Light Blue when on and White when off or White when On and Pink when Off. The Panel needs a Driver/Inverter to power it – It is easiest to run the driver straight off the device you are backlighting. ThereContinue Reading

A5 Cuttable EL Panel – Can be Cut Into Four Shapes

This is the latest breakthrough in helping people create their own glowing designs out of super-thin EL Panel – EL panel is much thinner than a credit card (just 1/3mm thick) and glows beautifully. This cuttable A5 panel is available in these colours: White, Red, Light Blue and Green To use this Panel, the firstContinue Reading