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Variation: Power Pack

Dinner Jacket Suit EL Panels + Driver

This is a classy set if you want to turn a dinner jacket into a startling and unmissable work of art It has: 1) Two large EL Panels are 37 cm long and 7cm at the wides part of the lapel 2) Zig-zag Shapes for the shoulders – these are 12cm long in total 3)Continue Reading

Sam Flynn Tron – FULL Replica EL Panel Costume Torso +Legs + Driver

Finally we can get the full Tron Sets running off a single portable driver This Tron Full EL Panel Set in Light Blue (Tron  Blue) is a combination of the Flynn Replica Torso Set and the Tron Leg Set There are details of how we suggest the layout for replica below It goes on aContinue Reading

EL Tape TRON SET = 2 X 25cm Tape + EL Hoops + Driver

This amazing kit contains just what you need for a great glowing Tron costume: 1) 2 pieces of 2cm X 25cm EL Tape 2)  2 X 6cm EL Hoops 3) 1 x 4 way splitter 4) powerful portable Driver/Inverter (8XAA batteries) 5) It also comes with just over 50cm of Velcro Рsticky on oneContinue Reading

EL Tape TRON SET = 2X 40cm EL Tape + EL Hoops + EL Wire

This amazing item consists of: 1) 2 pieces of 2cm X 40cm EL Tape 2) 4 X 6cm EL Hoops 3) 2 pieces of 1m ‘angel hair’ 1.3mm EL Wire 4) 2 X 4-way splitter and a 2-way splitter 5) and a powerful portable Driver/Inverter (8XAA batteries) 6) It also comes with 80cm of VelcroContinue Reading

Sam Flynn Tron – FRONT Replica EL Panel Costume + Driver

With this kit comes: 1) Two pieces of replica shaped EL Tape for the front of a Sam Flynn Costume – a Left and a Right 2) A single 1.5cm X 15cm EL Tape for the glowing mid line 4) A Powerful 8 XAA battery inverter – capable of powering a further 250squ cm ofContinue Reading