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Variation: Rechargeable 2800 mAh (UK Adapter Plug)

15 metres of EL Wire + Driver

This listing is for 15 metres of standard (2.3mm) electroluminescent glow wire with the option of a driver The wire is available in any of these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Grass Green, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White Because the EL naturally glows blue/green the brightest colour ofContinue Reading

EL Tape DOUBLE ENDED 2cm X 1metre Cut to Make 2 Glowing Strips of Any Length

This is a versatile piece of 2 cm wide and 1metre long Electro-Luminescent Tape. The EL Tape has wires with connectors attached to BOTH ENDS: This means it can be cut into two pieces of any length you choose A 2-way splitter is also provided so you can run both the EL Tapes off ofContinue Reading

EL Panel – 5cm X 8cm

These tiny EL Panels are really handy and can have so many different uses. They run off any EL Driver and you can ‘daisy chain’ splitters to have as many as you want lit up This listing is for a versatile 5cm wide and 8cm long Electroluminescent Panel. With a driver, these glow very brightlyContinue Reading

EL Panel – 7cm X 11cm (A7)

This is a versatile 8cm wide and 11cm long Electroluminescent Panel. It needs a Driver/Inverter – we have 4.5v, 6, 9v and 12v to find the most convenient one for you have a look at our inverters Or contact us with your needs and we’ll work out what would be best for you Currently inContinue Reading

EL Arrows 4cm wide by 8cm

Here we have Two EL Arrows inside a laminate that is 4cm wide and 8cm long with wires and connector already attached (needs an EL Driver) We Currently only have EL Arrows in white Ideal for fancy dress costumes or safety signage – EL Tape is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatileContinue Reading