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Variation: Rechargeable 2800 mAh (UK Adapter Plug)

EL Panel 25 X 25cm

  We have made this EL Panel with Telescope Flat-Field Correction in mind This EL Panel can be used like any other for the variety of uses people find for these el panels. But if you need an EL Panel for flat-field correction then this is the type of panel you may need If thisContinue Reading

A4 EL Panel – Single or 4 x Connectors

This listing is for a white A4 (20cm x 30cm) Electro-Luminescent Panel. It is available either with a single connector or with 4 connectors so you can cut it into 4 separate shapes or you can simply snip off three of the connectors and use the whole panel Available in: Light Blue and White ThisContinue Reading

Large EL Panel- 15cm X 40cm with 4 Connectors

This listing is for an ice blue 15 cm high and 40cm long Electroluminescent Panel. (Lit area is 14cm x 39cm) It can be powered by a mains or 12v EL Driver Currently in stock we only have it in Light Blue, Red, Deep Pink, Green and White This Panel is particularly useful if youContinue Reading