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Variation: Single Set

Black Widow Gauntlet Glove

This set is to help you recreate a glowing gauntlet glove from the Avengers Black Widow character It is ideally attached to motorbike gloves We also have a Black Widow Body and Leg Set This Gauntlet Set consists of: 1) 2 x Aqua (Tron Blue) EL Tapes 1cm x 20cm divided into four sections TheseContinue Reading

Iron Man Hand Repulsor Set – EL Button and Micro Driver

To help you make a realistic Iron Man Repulsor we have come up with this EL Panel set It is a white 3cm EL Button connected to a micro EL Driver The Micro EL Driver takes a single CR2032 battery and is only: 4.3cm x 2.1cm x 0.9cm The set comes with a battery andContinue Reading