Burning Man Festival EL Wire Set for Bike


Especially developed if you want your bike to stand out at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada. This plug and play set comes with:



This set has been especially designed for you lucky folks off to the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada

If you want your Bike to stand out then this is what you need – it is just a single 3m length of wire with a driver, we feel it is safest to use a single strand of EL Wire on a bike so there is less danger of loose strands causing any trouble

The Set consists of a special sand proof and waterproof EL Driver making ideal for the harsh conditions of the deserts of Nevada

The Driver is used to power a single 3metre long EL Wire and is the bright and robust 3.2mm diameter wire

Having two of these sets on the bike means you can cover every part including forks and handlebars, it also offers reassurance in case one fails or runs out of batteries you are still lit up

We also have a simple burning man costume set that has a trigger controller and 3 lengths (totalling 5m) of EL Wire, and some crazy glowing masks & glasses that go well with this kit – take a look!

el wire and el tape