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Halloween Stickman – Glowing Stick Girls and Stick Kids

These Stickman sets are what you need to make your own neon glow stick man

they are made using 9 strands of EL Wire and create an amazing effect

(other options include using LED but there is no way to stop the LED looking like lots of separate lights so we prefer to use EL Wire)

EL Wire Stickman and Stickgirl

The El Wire can be put all round the body to make arms legs as well as expressions on the faces



the Stickman sets we sell can be made into loads of different shapes like cartoon characters, witches and robots

Homer and Bender made using the Stickman set

the EL Stick Man Set comes in a choice of 10 colours

or can even be a mixture of colours in one set


see our StickMan Set here

or the Stickgirl Set here:

all sets are ‘plug and play’

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