2 way Switch Splitter with “Middle: ALL ON”


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2 Way Splitter with “Middle: ALL ON” Switch

These splitters are a handy and cheap way of making different parts of your EL costume/project light up

The EL Splitter Switch is simply a 2 way splitter with a 3 switch on it

the switch has three positions:

Switch to the left: Channel A ON + Channel B OFF

Switch to the right: Channel A OFF + Channel B ON

Switch in the middle: Both Channels ON

(we also have another “Both OFF” switch splitter – on this one, the Switch in middle is both channels OFF)

The spitter is 20cm in total and it is often used with extender wires running down the sleeve to allow the switch splitter to sit in your hand

This “Middle: All ON” Switch Splitter is useful is you want to control the EL Wire of two different parts of the same project

el wire splitter switch used to change from crazy face to aline

(This costume is made slightly more complicated by the fact the Mask part is constantly ON – a full description is below)

On this costume there is a two way splitter straight after the EL Driver

Channel 1 leads up to the head part of the costume so this is constantly ON

Channel 2 leads to the Splitter Switch

The Splitter Switch itself is a 2 way splitter so coming out of this is:

Channel A goes to the EL Wire that makes the Body of the costume

Channel B goes to the EL Wire that makes the Legs of the costume

The wearer can then control if they want it all lit up, or just the body lit, or just the legs lit up

We also provide this splitter where the Middle setting is BOTH OFF – click here to have a look

*ALL the EL wire we supply comes with a universal EL connector, so they plug straight into one of these splitters or a driver*

el wire and el tape

– – – – – – – – – – – –

EL wire has loads of uses

This neon wire looks amazing when decorating the interior or exterior of cars, can be used inside and outside houses and can even be threaded into clothes and hats

It is a cliche to say you are only limited by your imagination but with EL wire it is true!!!

If you have not seen it before it is like a really long glow stick that lasts over 5,000 hours

We’re sure you will be amazed – feel free to message us with any questions

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