3 x 18650 Battery Box



  • This power pack takes 3 x 18650 batteries and gives an output of just under 12V.
  • 18650 batteries are long round flat ended rechargeable ‘INR or IMR’ batteries which are widely available as they are used in vaping rigs.
  • Comes with a standard 2.1mm/5.5mm connector, suitable for all of our adaptable drivers and sequencers
  • This is not a driver.
  • Batteries not supplied.


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This handy item is a battery box that takes 3 x 18650 batteries and gives an output of just under 12V

*Please note this is just a battery box IT IS NOT AN EL DRIVER/INVERTER. They are available as a power supply for our EL Drivers or EL Sequencers.*

18650 batteries are the long round flat ended rechargeable ‘INR’ or ‘IMR’ batteries which have become popular since they are used in vaping rigs.


We have made this battery box to power the 12v EL Drivers and Sequencers,

The 18650 batteries are 3.7v each, so the power input from this Battery Box with 3 is a total of 11.1V

We have found this barely makes a difference when powering EL Drivers compared to the convenience of these rechargeable batteries

This Battery Box comes with a standard 2.1mm/5.5mm connector


The size of the Battery Box power pack is 76mm x 60mm x 19mm and the output lead is 250mm long.

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These battery packs are used to power powerful driver/inverters for EL wire

If you have never seen EL wire have a look at my other items – it is basically a thin cool glowing neon wire

el wire and el tape

EL wire has loads of uses

This neon wire looks amazing when decorating the interior or exterior of cars, can be used inside and outside houses and can even be threaded into clothes and hats

If you have not seen it before it is like a really long glow stick that lasts around 5,000 hours

We’re sure you will be amazed – feel free to message us with any questions.