5 X EL Wire Connectors




5 X EL Wire Connectors

The connectors for EL wire are generally universal

these are ‘male’ connectors that are soldered onto the El Wire

With this connector, the EL Wire will plug into an EL Driver or splitter

If you are cutting a piece of EL wire you should always seal the end – either with proper end caps or a dab of glue

Cutting EL Wire down to a size you want couldn’t be simpler, but re-attaching takes a little time and patience

There are items you will need when cutting EL Wire – wire strippers, solder and soldering iron plus copper tape and heatshrink tubing

If you need the copper tape, heatshrink tubing and end caps as well, then it may be best for you to get all that in our EL Wire Repair Kit

el wire and el tape