Angled Shape for Tron Costume 40cm


This striking, glowing 2cm x 40cm piece of angled EL Tape is for the legs of our Tron Costume.


  • Can also be used on other parts of the Tron costume.
  • Available with or without a portable Driver powered by 8 x AA batteries (not supplied).
  • The Driver can make six pieces of this EL Tape glow.
  • Standard 2 Way Splitter if two of these EL Tapes are ordered with a Driver.



These 2cm x 40cm angled EL Tapes are made for the legs of our Tron Costumes, Sam Flynn, Quorra and Gem.
It can also be used on other parts of a costume such as the back, arms or neck. EL Tape glows brightly and looks really striking. This piece is available in Light Blue (Tron Blue)

If you are making a costume it is a good idea to plan it out properly.This EL Tape is available with or without a Driver

The EL Tape is angled so is 37 cm from top to tail – and traditionally was designed to go on the leg of our Tron costume but can be used anywhere.The EL Tape is just 350 microns thick – that is 1/3rd of a millimetre!

If you order two pieces with a Driver, you will also receive a 2 Way Splitter, free of charge.

The Driver that is offered is a powerful 8 x AA battery portable Driver/Inverter, capable of powering 6 pieces of this EL Tape.

If it is to be part of a larger EL project then you would be better off with a more powerful Driver and some Splitters – there is a selection available in our online store.

All our EL Wire and EL Tape has connectors already attached so (with the right Driver) it is just plug and play!

wires already attached to EL Tape

Standard EL Tape with wires and connector

This EL Shape is made from EL Tape which is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatile and can be easily attached to costume or even a wall for decoration.

el wire and el tape