EL Panel Illuminated Backlight for Spektrum DX6i and DX7 Controllers (may fit other models)





Ladies and/or Gentlemen may I please present an Electroluminescent Panel and Driver/Inverter for the Spektrum controllers DX6i and DX7.

For the DX7 you must trim a little off the bottom of this panel (use sharp scissors and just cut it to shape)

For the DX6i you must cut a little off the end of the Panel

(For other models you must measure the screen size to see if it will fit)

The Panel size is 85mm x 55mm with a lit area of 80mm x 50mm

The driver should be run straight off the device you are backlighting.

We have a choice of tiny waterproof 4.5v, 6v, 9v or 12v drivers that are designed as small as possible so as not to take up too much space (29mm x 19mm x 24mm (L x W x H))

– or contact us with your requirements, and we’ll work out what would be best for you

Installing an EL Panel as a backlight is a fairly easy procedure that basically involves accessing the screen of your device, cutting the EL Panel to the desired size, then wiring the driver so it is powered by the device, then finally putting it all back together

There are plenty of walk-through videos on YouTube showing step by step how to install an EL backlight

The following colours are currently available:

Deep Blue, Red, Light Blue, White, Pink, Orange and Green

EL Panels

EL Tape is an incredibly versatile material it can be bent and wrapped around things.

It can even have holes and shapes punched into it and be cut to your chosen shape

We have EL Panels and EL Tape in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Including animated and sound activated moving panels.

el wire and el tape