Fibre Optic Masquerade Ball Mask


This beautiful mask is perfect for parties, festivals, clubbing and?cosplay or at a fancy dress party.

What ever your gig, this mask will look amazing and impress all your friends.

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Complete the party look with this beautiful high quality, new fibre optic masquerade mask with graduated colour change.

This Mask has 9 modes:

  • Press the button once to switch on and the mask will glow

  • Each press of the button will take you through another colour and the 8th press will bring you to RGB gradual colour change.

  • Colour order is;  Red, green & Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Blue & Green, colour change

Made from a white material with fibre optics running within the fibres.

This mask comes with a tiny driver tucked the feather plume on the back of the mask, full instructions on how to care for your mask for when you are not using it

Additional information

Weight 0.119 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 5 cm