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Help to choose EL Wire

If EL Wire is the right material for your project then you are in the right place in this store we proudly offer the worlds finest selections of EL Wire and accessories Below you will find details of premier quality and specialist EL Wires as well as choices to suit every budget * Please noteContinue Reading

Choosing the right EL Driver / Inverter to power your EL Wire or EL Tape

This has got to be quite a large how-to and is now divided into sections Click the link below to jump down the page to the section you need: Info about EL Driver / Inverters Choosing your EL Driver Dimensions and weight of our EL Drivers Info about EL Driver / Inverters   First thingContinue Reading

Test Post

Test Post

Wills and Kate use EL Wire in Kensington Palace

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have unveiled a sculpture at the heart of their new Kensington Palace Home that uses more than two miles of electroluminescent wire (EL Wire). I had always heard that princess Kate had style, but now I’m beginning to believe it!     Wills and Kate must have someContinue Reading

How to Use EL Wire – Things You Should Know!

Here’s some tips for getting the most out of your el wire:   1)   Use Decent Batteries – alkaline ones like duracell are the best – but you can get these same type of batteries much cheaper (eg Maplins sell a box of 100 of them for £15) Rechargable batteries have a lower voltage (1.2v)Continue Reading

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