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Wills and Kate use EL Wire in Kensington Palace

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have unveiled a sculpture at the heart of their new Kensington Palace Home that uses more than two miles of electroluminescent wire (EL Wire).

electroluminescent el wire sculpture in will and kates palace home

I had always heard that princess Kate had style, but now I’m beginning to believe it!


el wire sculpture in kensington palace


Wills and Kate must have some really powerful Driver to power all that EL Wire – my guess is they have 4 or 5 different Inverters powering i – and if it doesnt have an elaborate flashing sequence then the designer of this luminous lace sculpture has missed a trick

The largest EL Sculpture i have ever made was for the Glastonbury festival and by comparison was a measly 250metres of wire

If this has inspired you to make your own electroluminescent sculpture then heres a few tips:

1) Any EL Wire over 25metres or Drivers for more than 200metres would have to be ordered specially and may take a week or so to get in stock – contact me if this is your plan

2) The most powerful EL Driver I hold in stock will run 200 metres of EL Wire very brightly. With these powerful drivers, you can quite ofte control the brightness with a dial AND the flashing speed if you have it on Blink Mode

3) I always have 10m, 15m, 25metre and 100m lengths of wire in stock

4) I have powerful sequencers that can run a modest 25 metres of wire – that is 5 metres off each channel, but with the 3 different sequence modes, plus flash, and continuous ON these give an incredible effect

5) You can daisy chain as many splitters off each other as you need – i also have extenders that are 5metres long


If you are interested in a neon style light sculpture like this in your house or venue then please contact us and we can not only supply all the EL Wire and equipment you need but can give consultation on installing it too




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  1. Hi there,
    This is truly a magnificent sculpture. It is designed and built by Loop.PH. The controller behind it is a bespoke 256 channel sequencer which can drive 15m of EL wire per channel. Each channel is individually brightness controlled via DMX.,I designed these controllers for multi-channel EL sculptures such as SPIN by Nathaniel Rackowe (2006) and a few others from Rackowe and Loop.PH. If you would like more information about the controllers or would like to use one for anything please let me know. cheers the original Glowman (of Glastonbury fame)

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