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Dimensions of the Products


12v (5-15metres):
6cm X 4cm X 3cm

Sound Activated:
6cm X 5cm X 3cm

Power Pack:
63mm X 58mm X 30mm

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  1. hi
    can you help me im trying to work out how the wire would go for a tron outfit
    how long are the wires from the battery pack to the wire?

    • sure – heres the lengths of the main things you might need

      POWER PACK: 15 cm from power pack to inverter

      INVS: 15 cm wire out of inverter to connector
      (for both 12v 8XAA and 2 X AA invs)

      SPLITTER: 20cm from connector end to 3 way split – 20cm from split to connector
      (the 3 way splitter is effectively 40 cm long)

      EL WIRE: 20-25cm from connector to when the EL wire starts glowing

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