Adaptable Driver for 5-15m EL Wire (Water Resistant)



  • Will make between 5 and 15 metres of EL wire or 50 – 300 sq cm of EL Tape or Panel glow.
  • Comes with the option of an On/Off switch, however it doesn’t have a flashing function.
  • Range of power supplies from mains to batteries to direct 12v connection etc.



This is a super adaptable EL Driver which will run from 5 to 15 metres of EL wire or 50 – 300squ cm of EL Tapes or Panels.

It DOES NOT have a flashing function – but comes with the option of an On/Off Plunger Switch. The switch will latch on when fully pressed down, press for a second time and the switch will latch off.

As explained in detail below, these Adaptable Drivers are very versatile and have a whole selection of Power inputs; Mains, Batteries, Direct 12V etc…

It has two integral screw fixing points on either side of it so it can be fastened down.

It also has a water-tight seal, all workings have been in-filled with epoxy resin, including where the wires come in and out of the Driver. Situated in a sensible place it should withstand all types of weather.

Its dimensions are: 4cm x 3.2cm x 3cm (L x W x H). The screw fixing tabs stick out 6mm each on the 29mm side and could easily be cut off if space is vital. The Driver weighs 85g.


EL Driver Options:

This EL Driver comes either with or without an On/Off Plunger (Trigger) Switch.

Without a switch it will draw power whenever it is connected to a power source


Or It has a Trigger Switch on the end of a 1.2 metre cable. For portable use, this allows the unit to be held on the body while the switch runs down the sleeve to the hand. For other uses, it allows the driver to be mounted somewhere pretty far from the switch

We have found it is impossible to guess how you will be using the EL Wire, EL Tape and Drivers, so you will see on this website we have tried to give you as many choices as possible.

This driver is no exception as it also has a range of power inputs that cover most potential uses, please choose one of these from the drop-down menu:


12v small adaptable driver

Maybe you have your own 12V 5.5mm/2.1mm input you want to use, perhaps you will be using one of the 2-way power splitters, or will you be cutting off the connector and using the bare wires?

Whatever your reason, this option gives you just the driver (as in the pic above) – without any external power connectors like the rest of these listed below…

2) Crocodile Clips

crocodile clips

Perfect if you already have your own 12V battery to run this driver

3) 8xAA Battery Box


This 8xAA Battery Box will plug straight into the driver. It is fairly large (127mm x 72mm x 19mm) but will make this EL Driver portable

4) 3 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery Box


This 3 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery Box will plug straight into the driver. It is fairly large (76mm x 60mm x 19mm) and the leads for the output are 15cm long but will make this EL Driver portable.

5) Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

rechargable li-ion battery

Much smaller and lighter than the Battery Box, these powerful Li-ion batteries come in a range of sizes

1000mAh: 81g (6.5cm x 3.7cm x 1.8cm)

1800mAh (square): 145g (5.6cm x 3.8cm x 3.1cm)

3000mAh: 172g (7.3cm x 5.6cm x 2.2cm)

5000mAh: 265g (6.0cm x 5.8cm x 3.9cm)

All of these Li-ion Batteries come with an intelligent 1A recharger

6) Mains Powered

mains PSU for EL Wire

This handy PSU can be used to make this EL Driver powered from Mains Electricity (UK, US or Euro plugs are available)

7) Car Lighter Adaptor

This adaptor plugs into the car lighter socket. It is fused and ends with a 5.5mm/2.1mm jack plug so it can be used with any of our 12v Drivers or accessories

8) Self Stripping Wire Connectors (2)

self stripping wire connectors 300

This Driver is perfect for using when decorating your car with EL Wire.

An incredibly simple way to join the wires into your 12V loom is using these Self Stripping Wire Connectors (pack of 2)

9) 2 way Splitter for 12V Power Input (5.5mm)

2 to 1 splitter for 12v 2.1mm 5.5mm adapter

If you’re thinking of running two of these units off of one power source, then get yourself one of these splitters.

Please note this is a Splitter from the Battery to the Driver, so you would only need one Battery pack for 2 x Drivers.

Most people also use Splitters that come from the Driver to the EL Wire (so you only need 1 x Driver for many EL Wires) – you can get those types of EL WIRE SPLITTERS HERE

*If you want more than one of the power connector mentioned above for your EL Driver,

They can all be found in our Accessories section, or just click the description you want and be taken to its own page*

Remote Control

12v remote control

you can use this Remote Control Unit by connecting the Controller between the Power Source and the Driver

You can use several controllers with just one hand-held remote unit if you want to switch different drivers at once

The Remote Control Unit is not available in the drop down menu above – please click on the link to get the full details of this handy EL Accessory and add it to your basket

*All the EL wire we supply comes with a connector already attached so they plug straight into the Driver*

el wire and el tape

EL wire has loads of uses

This Neon Wire looks amazing when decorating the interior or exterior of cars, can be used inside and outside houses and can even be threaded into clothes and hats

It is a cliché to say you are only limited by your imagination but with EL wire it is true!!!

If you have not seen it before it is like a really long glow stick that lasts around 5,000 hours

We’re sure you will be amazed – feel free to message our team with any questions you may have.

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