EL Tape – 2cm x 25cm – Neon Glow Strip



  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Will need a driver to make it glow.
  • Simply plugs into your driver.

If you don’t already have a driver, please purchase a suitable one separately, here.


This is for a 2cm wide and 25cm long Electro-Luminescent Tape.

Currently, in stock we have these colours: Light Blue (Tron Blue), Deep Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Green and White

On the back of the EL Tape it has wires with connectors already attached:

back of the el tape with wires attached

EL Tape is an incredibly versatile material it can be wrapped around things.

To join it to a costume we recommend our ”sewable loop & stick-able-hook” Velcro which allows you to sew one part of the Velcro to your costume while the stick pat goes on the back of this tape. The tape can then be removed from the costume to wash it

EL Tape can even have holes and shapes punched into it and be cut to your chosen shape

el wire and el tape

This Tape is also available in 12cm, 40cm and 1 metre lengths

The 2 x AA inverter can power two of these 25cm EL Tapes and the 8 x AA inverter can power just over 2 metres of EL Tape.