Large EL Panel – 15cm x 40cm with 4 Connectors




This listing is for a 15 cm high x 40cm long Electroluminescent Panel.

(Lit area is 14cm x 39cm)

It can be powered using a mains driver or a 12v EL Driver

It is currently available in Light Blue, Red, Deep Pink, Green and White

This Panel is particularly useful if you want to make several custom shaped EL Panel

If you want to keep the Panel whole, you can cut off 3 of the connectors and then you have a 15cm x 40cm EL Panel

But you can make up to 4 different custom shapes from this EL Panel as long as each shape ends with one of the connector plugs which can then be connected to an EL Driver (or a splitter to have many pieces off one driver)

There is a guide to cutting EL Panels in the tips section of our website:

How to Cut Electroluminescent Tape and Panels

el wire and el tape

EL Panel is an incredibly versatile material it can be bent and wrapped around things and with care, can even have shapes cut into it

The Panel can be used for advertising by sticking a logo acetate over it for a professional effect

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