EL Tape Bullseye! 6cm EL Hoop with 3cm EL Button


This EL Bullseye is an EL Hoop with an EL Button fitted inside it.

If you don’t already have a driver, please purchase a suitable one separately, here.



The EL Bullseye is an EL Hoop with an EL Button fitted exactly inside it.

The EL Button can pop in and out of the Hoop making them interchangeable.

The hoops and the buttons are available in a variety of colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Deep Blue, White, Red, Green and Orange

EL bullseye glowing and in light

Light Blue EL Bullseye and EL Button

As you can see in the picture below it is perfectly suited for use with straight EL Tape and the EL Hoops and EL Buttons are available separately in our online store.

el hoop and button, put em together and.... bullseye!

EL Bullseye, EL Hoop and EL Button

The EL Hoop and the EL Button already have wires and connectors attached – with this set we supply a 2-way-splitter to bring these two together

All our El Wire and Tape comes with wires and connectors already attached making it simply plug-and-play

wires already attached to EL Tape

Standard EL Tape with wires and connector

The EL Hoops and EL Buttons have loads of other creative uses but are especially good for making realistic Tron costumes.

They are made from EL Tape which is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatile and can be easily attached to costume or even a wall for decoration.

el wire and el tape

We have a whole range of EL Wire, EL Tape and many types of driver/inverters are also available.

If you want any help or advice in planning your EL costume feel free to get in touch.