EL Tape DOUBLE ENDED 2cm x 1metre Cut to Make 2 Glowing Strips of Any Length





This is a versatile piece of 2cm wide and 1 metre long Electro-Luminescent Tape.

The EL Tape has wires with connectors attached to BOTH ENDS:

back of the el tape with wires attached

This means it can be cut into two pieces of any length you choose

A 2-way splitter is also provided so you can run both the EL Tapes off of one Driver/Inverter

When cutting EL Tape or Panel it is best to use sharp scissors or craft knife and to seal the cut afterwards with glue and/or clear tape

This EL tape is currently available in these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Deep Blue, Red, Pink, Deep Pink, Green, Yellow and White

In the drop down menu below is also the option to buy the EL Tape with a powerful portable driver (8 x AA batteries)

This driver/inverter is powerful enough to drive just over 2 metres of this EL Tape in total and will make the Tape plug and play

(If it is more convenient to have a car-lighter attachment instead of the 8XAA battery box to power this driver please let us know)

In this store there is a whole selection of drivers available that could power this EL Tape such as Sequencer or Sound Activated Drivers

el wire and el tape

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Power Connector

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