Hoops For Sewing on to Clothing




These hoops are clear and 6mm wide and are a really useful way to attach EL Wire to clothing

As you probably know, EL wire can be glued or sewn onto any material

But attaching it permanently means the garment cannot be machine washed as the EL Wire cannot be removed

These hoops make it easy to remove the EL Wire whether you want to wash the clothing, replace the EL Wire or even change the style

hoops sewn onto clothing to hold glowing el wire

So you can just sew these hoops onto the clothing then thread the EL Wire through the hoops

The EL Wire can then be easily removed if you want to replace the wire or wash the clothing

hoops sewn onto clothing to hold glowing el wire

 These should certainly be considered if you are making a costume that is going to be used regularly as it will definitely cause you less aggro in the long run


el wire and el tape

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