LED Remote with Multiple Controllers


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This remote control system is perfect if you need to change the LEDs on several controllers at once

Ideal for Dance groups or if you want to co-ordinate the lighting in a room, or even a whole house


Despite its simple and sleek design, the LED Remote can:

1) Instantly change the colour and brightness of the LEDs on as many Controllers within its 30 metre range

2) Start and Stop the Flashing, Strobing or Phasing of LEDs on these Controllers as well as changing the speeds of these effects

3) Divide these LED Controllers into separate groups, each of them adjustable and controllable in real time


There are 20 different colour settings and each of these can be set to a choice of 5 brightnesses
Also you can chose from a range of Flashing, Strobing and Fading effects and each of these can be set to one of 5 speeds

The controller is compatible with 4-pin RGB SMD 5050 LED Strips and LED Blocks
you can choose which of these you prefer here:

You can join the LED Strips directly onto each other, or use LED Splitters or LED Extenders to get the LEDs exactly where you want

3 way splitter for led strip

Compared to EL Wire, LEDs are much more power hungry and must be powered by 8xAA Battery, Mains (UK plug), Rechargeable Lithium Battery  or your own 12V Source

The Controller has a 5.5mm Jack Plug so you can swap between any of these power inputs


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