Waterproof LED Strips




These multicoloured waterproof LED Strips are super bright and noticeably glow even in daylight

These are high quality LEDs with an IP67 waterproof rating

They can change colour at the press of a button, are flexible and you have the option to peel off the backing and they will stick to most surfaces as they use strong 3M glue

3m sticky backing for led strip

These particular strips are ‘low density’ LED Strips with 30 LED’s per metre

It is possible to get these strips with 60 x LEDs per metre, but we found that LED strips are already very bright

and we prefer to have a lower power consumption

These are 4 pin RGB LEDs

The 4 Pins on these LED lights are for: Red, Green, Blue and Power

Power is always at one edge and usually marked with an arrow.

connecting 4 pin LEDs together lining up the arrows

Please make sure you line up these arrows so the LEDs receive power to light them up

We have these LED strips in lengths of:

10cm (3 LEDs)

30cm (9 LEDs)

50cm (15 LEDs)

1 metre (30 LEDs)

2 metres (60 LEDs)

3 metres (90 LEDs)

5 metres (150 LEDs)

LED strip in different colours

You can join the blocks together using connecting pins, or use LED Splitters or LED Extenders to get the LEDs exactly where you want

3 way splitter for led strip

The LEDs need a controller that can either be powered by 8 x AA Battery Pack, Mains (UK plug), Rechargeable Batteries or your own 12V Source

The Controllers allow you to change the colour of the LEDs as well as a selection of fading and strobe effects (these LEDs don’t chase)


Mini Controller for LED Strips

mini controller for led strip

This small personal LED controller lets you chose 20 different colours as well as a choice of 20 different fading and strobing effects

Multi Controller with RF Remote

remote for multi controller led strip

If you want several costumes all to be controlled at once or maybe they are dotted all around a room, or even different rooms

Then they can all be changed by this one Remote that will be able to effect several LED controllers at once

It is RF (Radio Frequency) which means it will work from up to 20 metres away and doesn’t have to be ‘line of site’


Jargon Busting

These LEDS strips are known as RGB SMD 5050

RGB is Red, Green and Blue. It is the colour of the LEDs that make all the other colours (including white)

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Diode. It just means the LEDs are laid in a row

and the 5050 means the LED size is 0.50cm x 0.50 cm