Triangle EL Panel




This is a glowing EL Panel triangle shape

The Triangle is 18cm along the base and 9cm high
each of the shorter edges are 12cm long
(it is basically a 12cm x 12cm square cut in half along the diagonal)

These are often used for the Iron Man Arc reactor or for other decoration

triangle el panel on and off

The Panel needs an Inverter/Driver to power it and we have a choice of 4.2v, 6v, 9v and 12v drivers that are designed not to take up too much space if you are installing it as a backlight – or can be portable if it is for a costume.

Alternatively you can contact us with your needs and we’ll work out what would be best for you.

Currently available in: Light Blue or White

Please select which size of Round EL Panel you wish to purchase. Either in 6cm diameter or 10cm from the drop down box below.

el wire and el tape

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