A5 Cuttable EL Panel – Can be Cut Into Four Shapes




This is the latest breakthrough in helping people create their own glowing designs out of super-thin EL Panel – EL panel is much thinner than a credit card (just 1/3mm thick) and glows beautifully.

This cuttable A5 panel is available in these colours:

White, Red, Light Blue and Green

To use this Panel, the first thing you must really think through is your design

If you have a pretty good idea what you want to make then you should decide whether you have to use this cuttable panel, or whether you can use one of our standard EL panels

If you simply have to have your EL shapes cut out then this cuttable panel is the thing for you

cuttable el tape

An A5 cuttable panel in green

The shapes you cut will still need a driver/inverter to power them so you will need to decide on the best driver for you:

In the drop-down menu there is a choice of either mains powered and/or portable (8xAA batteries) Driver. These are both capable of powering 400squ cm of EL Tape

Maybe the shapes you want to cut are tiny and you could use a smaller driver in which case just choose the 2AA battery driver else you might already have one so you can choose NO DRIVER

A 4-way splitter is also provided

There is a guide to cutting EL Panels in the tips section of our website:

How to Cut Electroluminescent Tape and Panels

el wire and el tape


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