Adjustable Sequencer EL Wire Set = 6 x 50cm EL Wire + Sequencer Driver


This is essentially a versatile EL starter set which is plug and play. The set comes with:


  • 6 x 50 cm lengths of high quality and robust 3.2mm EL Wire.
  • Choice of colours.
  • Portable, ‘adjustable’ EL Sequencer Driver powered by 2 AA batteries (not supplied).
  • Adjust the speed of the sequence, from the slowest (0.7sec) right up until the wires are strobing so fast they appear constantly on.
  • Select the mode of your sequence from the 4 modes of operation on the Sequencer Driver
  • 3 x Mini 2 Way Splitters
  • 30 x clear hoops for easy of attaching the wire to your clothing – can be removed enabling machine washing.