Adjustable Sequencer EL Wire Set = 6 x 50cm EL Wire + Sequencer


This is essentially a versatile EL starter set which is plug and play. The set comes with:



This is essentially an EL starter set. It is versatile as you can have three different strands of EL Wire to work with.

With this set you get:

6 x 50 cm of high quality (3.2mm) Electroluminescent Wire,

A portable, adjustable EL Sequencer:

This is a really neat little EL Unit.

It is about the same size as a standard EL Driver for 3m of EL Wire (9cm x 3cm x 2.5cm) but it has 3 outputs which sequence in a 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3… pattern

adjustable mini sequencer

There is a dial on the side which lets you adjust the speed of this pattern from the slowest (0.7sec) right up until the wires are strobing so fast they appear constant.

The mode button also allows the EL Wires to be on constantly if you prefer

adjustable wheel and mode button on mini el sequencer

3 x 2 way splitters attached to each channel allows 6 of these 50cm EL Wires to be lit up by this funky EL Driver

The EL Wires can be any combination of these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, yellow, Lime Green, Turquoise-Green and White


Because the EL naturally glows blue/green the brightest colour of the wire is the Light Blue, Lime Green and White. The least bright are the Red and Purple as they have to be filtered the most to get the colours right.

To make it easier to design your outfit, below are the dimensions of the inverters and lengths of connecting wires – there is also tips on how to create your costume.


The Driver takes 2 x AA batteries and has a built-in voltage inverter that ‘inverts’ the 3Volts from the batteries up to the 100Volts needed to make the EL Wire glow

The driver is 9cm x 3.2cm x 2cm

It has a mode button to select between : Sequencer – Continuous On – Off

It has an 8cm wire coming out of it that leads to the…


The Splitters are 20cm long in total,

it is 10cm of wire which then splits into 2 separate strands which are all 10cm long and lead to the…


There is then another 10cm from the connector until the actual glowing start of EL Wire – then there is 6 x 50cm of gorgeous glowing wire!

Its not complicated or fiddly – I’ve just given all those details if you want to plan your costume before you buy the set.


For attaching the wire to your clothing

The whole kit is ready to use – just plug and play!

el wire and el tape

– – – – – – – – – – – –

This wire comes with a standard connector so simply plugs into any EL driver – this makes it easy to change between coloured wire on one driver

by using splitters you can also connect different strands to the same driver

EL wire has loads of uses

It looks amazing when decorating the interior or exterior of cars, can be used inside and outside houses and can even be threaded into clothes and hats

This wire can be cut into smaller lengths and attached to another driver.

Our drivers can run many strips of wire as long as the total length of the wire is under the driver’s maximum capacity.

It is easier to buy it from us with the connectors attached but if you need to, then with some care, the EL wire can be attached to speaker wire to make patterns or extend the wire over gaps where it isn’t needed.

Joining tape and tubing for attaching EL Wire is available from our online store.
This is if you want to cut the EL wire and rejoin it or perhaps attach some wire to a different driver.

Cutting the wire into the length you choose is simple… but rejoining it takes care and attention.

You will also definitely need some wire strippers

It is also recommended placing this joint away from where it is likely to encounter stress (e.g. if it is threaded into clothes that will then be bent and jostled – try to keep this joint out for harms way – e.g. avoid putting it at the elbows)

It is a cliché to say you are only limited by your imagination but with EL wire it is true!!!

If you have not seen it before it is like a really long glow-stick that lasts over 5,000 hours

We’re sure you will be amazed – feel free to message us with any questions.

We have some crazy glowing masks & glasses that go well with this kit – take a look!