Iron Man Hand Repulsor Set – EL Button and Micro Driver




To help you make a realistic Iron Man Repulsor we have come up with this EL Panel set

It is a white 3cm EL Button connected to a micro EL Driver

The Micro EL Driver takes a single CR2032 battery and is only: 4.3cm X 2.1cm X 0.9cm

The set comes with a battery and is plug and play

el panel iron man repulsor

EL panel iron man repulsor

A single set is:

One EL Button and Micro EL Driver

A pair is:

Two EL Buttons and two Micro EL Drivers

This set has been designed to help you achieve a realistic Iron Man costume.

We also sell the Arc Reactor and the Iron Man eyes in our eBay shop

el wire and el tape

The EL Buttons have loads of other creative uses but are especially good for making realistic Tron costumes

The EL Button is made from EL Tape which is paper thin (300 micron) so it is incredibly versatile and can be easily attached to costume or even a wall for decoration

We have a whole range of EL Wire, EL Tape and many types of driver/inverters are also available.

If you want any help or advice in planning your EL costume feel free to get in touch

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