Light Painting Kit – Use EL Wire With a Camera


Unleash the creative potential of your camera with this plug and play light painting set. It comes with:


Light painting is a modern and evolving art form. New techniques and are being discovered and the effects are breathtaking
If you want to unleash the creative potential of your camera with amazing results then maybe you could try your hand at light painting

With his kit you get

1) EL Driver

Based on a standard 2xAA EL Driver, but instead of a push button on the front scrolling through the settings there is a long 1metre (35inch) wire coming out of the driver that ends with an ON/OFF click plunger (the trigger)

2) EL Wire

5 pieces of robust 1m long 3.2mm diameter EL Wire in a choice of colours in any combination of these colours:

Light Blue (Tron Blue), Purple, Deep Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, yellow, Lime Green, Green and White

3) 5-way splitter

Allows you to have up to 5 pieces of EL Wire lit up by the driver at once.

Either message us with your choice of colours
or select one of these:
LAPOG = Lime, Light Blue, Purple, Orange and Green
LAPWB = Lime, Light Blue, Purple, White and Deep Blue
LARYB = Lime, Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Deep Blue
LARYP = Lime, Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Pink
LARYW = Lime, Light Blue, Red, Yellow and White

Good luck with your light painting experiments!

el wire and el tape

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