Simple Sign Making Kit

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EL Wire is a perfect material for for making glowing neon effect signs

and we have made this even better by developing an el wire that contains a thin metal rod that helps it hold its shape

So making your own sign has never been easier

With this set you will get:

1) 3 metres of specialist  Stiff El Wire to easily shape into your own design

glowing stiff el wire for signwriting

2) EL Driver with plunger switch to power the wire and give you an accessible on/off switch


3) 3 x fixing ties to help hold your sign in place

4) 30cm of heatshrink you can use to blackout any non-lit portion of your sign

heatshrink plastic tubing to blackout el wire sign

5) Instructions with tips to help you make your sign


The whole of the set is plug and play, but you will need your own backing material or wall to attach your sign too


el wire and el tape

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